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Educational Heretics Press

"A heretic is someone who sees with their own eyes" Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

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est: 1984

Educational Heretics Press exists to question
the dogmas of education in general
and schooling in particular.

This is the new home of educational Heretics Press (EHP) founded in 1984 by Professor Roland Meighan who sadly passed away in 2014

I can now announce that EHP is once again open for orders. It is now possible to order books from either this website or from bookshops or other online retailers such as Amazon.

In the future I hope to offer many EHP titles in electronic formats, particularly as e-pub and Kindel versions.

"I Home Educate Because..."

Dispel the Myths!

Educational Heretics Press

The Project:

I am collecting people's stories about why they home educate to be published as a Kindle book later this year.

If successful, it will be the first of a series of similar titles intended to be inspirational, informative books of use to long term home educators as well as those new to home education and professionals trying to make sense of the phenomena.

They can be from the perspective of either adults or children who are or have been home educated.

Please feel free to pass this on to other home education networks.

What I Need:

Keep up to date with EHP events.

Please note:

Education Now Publishing

EHP also handles the supply and sales of Education Now Publishing books alongside it's own titles.

NB: Because the website is new, it is possible that you may find broken links and other errors and teething problems. If you do, please let me know. Thank you.

"I am a fan of the Education Heretics Press because it asks necessary questions about the fundamental processes of schooling."
Gerald Haigh of the Times Educational Supplement
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