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EHP is currently open to examining new proposals. However, it should be noted that we publish a very limited number of new titles each year.

Our area of interest is in personalised learning. We are particularly interested in home based education. We are also interested in such issues as special needs, educational access, discrimination in education, minorities in education among others.

In the first instance contact us with a short discription of your work and a short professional biography. If we we feel EHP is a suitable home for your work we would ask for a short synopsis and a sample (around 2000 words) of the proposed work from which we could make a decission.

A rejection should not be taken as a reflection on your work. our decissions are made on it's suitability to our catalogue of work and our areas of interest. A work rejected by EHP may well be highly suitable for publication with another publisher.

We currently expect it to take between six months and a year between a text being completed and publication.


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