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Sight Impaired Readers

We are aware that a number of our readers are unable to read our works in the written form due to sight imparement.

We are a small company so are limited to the options open to us, but we are keen to make all our books available to as wide an audience as is reasonably possible. While we do not necissarily expect to profit from this market, we are highly constrained regarding the resources we can use to fund improved access.

Kindle has a text to voice function which may be usefull in this regard. We intend to make as many of our books available in kindle format as is possible, though it will take some time to convert all our back titles to this format.

Aditionally if you are a student at a college of higher education, you could get your head of library services or access team to contact us about providing the text in a format suitable for your inhouse text readers, provided s/he can offer us assurances regarding copyright issues etc.

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