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"I Home Educate Because..."

Dispel the Myths!

The Project:

I am collecting people's stories about why they home educate with the intention of publishing them as part of a series of Kindle ebooks later this year.

The idea is for them to be inspirational, informative and sometimes emotional explorations of why families take the huge decision to move away from the norm and home educate their children.

This ebook will be of use to long term home educators as well as those new to home education considering the same rout for their child and professionals trying to make sense of the phenomena.


What I Need:
  • An anonymous account of why you home educate from the perspective of either adults or children who are or have been home educated.
  • Please change names, the work should be anonymised
  • It should be between 250 and 1,500 words, though I will consider longer items
  • The ages of the children being home educated
  • Include the country where you home Educate[d]
  • Include how long you have home educated
  • Deadline End of October 2016

Your story should be sent here

(It will be assumed that permission for publication is granted by those sending stories to this address.)

The work will be published, as a kindle in the autumn of 2016 as an anthology of people's stories in a Kindle book. Editing will be minimal. This book may be published later as a print copy.

Please feel free to pass this on to home education networks. Thank you.

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